Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hate American Style

This is how one man in San Anselmo expresses his patriotism. I agree it's freedom of speech. It's deeply offensive speech likely to cause more suffering for Americans and other humans. The world is watching. As it's creator surely intended, to the millions who loved and needed those people killed in our name, seeing this must feel like being stabbed in the heart with a US flag.
For the love of humanity, PLEASE do not remain silent! Show the world that haters like the one in San Anselmo don't represent the country we love.
"What should I do?," you ask. As Howard Zinn responded, "Do anything." But do something! If you have a yard, a window, a car, a shirt or any means of communication --written, oral, symbolic -- use it. Freedom of Speech: It's not just for 8th-grade Social Studies anymore.
We'd love for you to join us in the Crosses 4 Peace project. If crosses don't work for you, make a sign or use a different symbol, but please don't do nothing. The world is watching.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I hate war, but I love making history. is part of a NATIONWIDE movement. The headline story from confirms it. I couldn’t wait to give you the update. Here’re some quotes that spell it out. I’m too excited to speak myself.
“In at least a dozen cities across the country, hundreds of white wooden crosses have been erected in memorials to fallen U.S. troops in Iraq…”
“Now Napa peace activists, inspired by the crosses in Lafayette, are attempting a movement of their own. The group is encouraging people to put a white cross in their front yard, or in the window if they live in an apartment…”
Two dozen crosses have gone up so far in Napa, north Clearlake and Sebastopol. Organizers hope to eventually have crosses in yard after yard in Napa and beyond, until the war ends, said Summer Mondeau, an event organizer.
It isn't the crosses people respond to, but what they symbolize, said Ron Dexter, a member of Veterans for Peace, which organizes the "Arlington West" cross memorial on a Santa Barbara beach.
"It revolves around one issue: support of the war or not," Dexter said.
"It's being done by the peace movement and consequently being labeled as a protest," said Tonia Young, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles chapter of Veterans for Peace, which organizes a similar display in Santa Monica. "But I think the crosses speak for themselves."
Jeff Heaton, whose Lafayette memorial inspired the Napa activists was delighted about the project. “This is a great idea. I was hoping something like this would happens as a result of our efforts. We are turning the cross into a peace sign instead of a sign of the crusades. I hope this idea takes off across the country. I will pass this email on to others.”

P.S. We have about 40 crosses out with more requests coming from farther away every day. We’ll be making a presentation on the project to the Sonoma Veterans for Peace on Tuesday.