Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tax Day Action - appeal to conservatives

Here's a great idea some clever person had. We'll be outside the post office on Tax Day, Monday 4/17 with flyers on cardstock that say something like:

So far, the Iraq war has cost US Taxpayers 315.8 billion dollars.

That’s approximately $2,992 from your family,

Or $1,122 per person, or

$90,100,000 for the City of Napa.

Before it’s over, it’s expected to cost 1 or 2 Trillion dollars. That’s around $15,000 to your family or nearly half a billion to our town.

Had enough? Mail the postcard below to your Congressman.

The bottom half of the cardstock flyer is a postcard preaddressed to our local congressman, Mike Thompson, supporting his Concurrent Resolution 348*. REMEMBER to leave clear space for a return address. Since the resolution is very brief, I included it on the half page postcard along with a little rectangle around "39c" for the stamp. I even had lines for add'l comments. The whole thing is done on a regular WORD processing program.

A wheelie papercutter with a perforating blade is available for $30 at office supply stores, so you can make your own professional-looking detachable postcards.

Ultimately, politics is personal I've heard. When strangers suffer or die in strange places it just doesn't hit most folks where they live, so to speak. By talking a "dollars and sense" approach, you appeal to a larger audience.

National Priorities Project has costs by city for most U.S. cities. “Local costs of War". E-mail if you need more info.

*I support Concurrent Resolution 348 which says:
“…the United States should not maintain a permanent military presence or military bases in Iraq;
2)the United States should not attempt to control the flow of Iraqi oil; and
3)United States Armed Forces should be re-deployed from Iraq as soon as practicable after the completion of Iraq’s constitution making process or September 30, 2006, whichever comes first.”

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