Monday, March 05, 2007

Next Live Highway Blog: a Crosses4peace Memorial

The Next Live Highway Blogging Event

will be a memorial to the fallen in the Middle East, both soldier and civilian, We'll host the event for commuters from 4:15 to 6:15 pm on Monday, 3/19/07, the 4th anniversary of the Iraq invasion.

Note new location: Event moved just one highway block to the intersection of Highways 29 & 221/Silverado Trail below "The Crusher" sculpture. To the north is Napa Valley, to the east is Lake Berryessa. Honest, if you're on Highway 29 near Napa after 4:15, you won't be able to miss us. PLEASE be careful. Turn around if you must, but please DON't cross the highway on foot.,+ca&layer=&ie=UTF8&z=13&ll=38.241551,-122.268734&spn=0.070918,0.186768&om=1

As we did last Friday, we'll plant white Crosses4Peace in the grass along the highway, we'll hold crosses, too, so they can't be missed. My black hearse-like suv will carry the banner and hold the flagpole. Our flag will fly at half-staff.

Blog about the last Live Highway Blogging event at w/ photos.

Live Highway Blogging combines 2 new 21st century ideas to improve upon an idea older than America itself – protest. Memorials similar to the Crosses of Lafayette are being erected all over the country, but they often encounter problems with local municipalities because of ordinances limiting signs or displays. Freeway bloggers, on the other hand, typically hang large banners from overpasses or billboards near freeways with fairly concise political messages like, "Impeach" or "We’re all wearing the blue dress now." This is usually a misdemeanor, and the signs are typically removed within 24 hours – fewer in Napa .

Summer Mondeau of explains, "From necessity and the first amendment came invention. By standing at the memorials with our signs, our crosses and our American flag at half staff on public property, we are a peaceable assembly petitioning our government for redress. That’s VERY legal." CHP has confirmed that the memorial event IS legal so long as the display is on a highway, not a freeway.

It was just another postcard evening w/ crystal CLEAR skies and full moon. As seen in the Vallejo Times-Herald (no link )and the Napa Register (great photo of veteran and peace activist, Mark Glickstein)
When the event ends, we'll put our Crosses4Peace back in our front yards.

Crosses of Lafayette video link (KTVU News channel 2 with Amber Lee)

Finally, the last banner asked "How many more?" I'm thinking for the next one, I should say

US: 3169 Iraqi: ?
Had enough?
call your Rep

What do you think?

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