Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Freeway Blogging Goes Live - in Napa.

I certainly didn't invent Freeway blogging. To the best of my knowledge, that began here:
. I wasn't able to find anyone who was doing it LIVE, so we'll be pioneers here in wine country.

I'm creating a series of 7 banners that I'll display along southbound Highway 29 between Yountville and Napa.

The first says: 5 years, 2 Wars. The next: Where's Osama? The 5th: Torture does nOt work. The 6th: Absolute PoWer Corrupts...

I'll disclose the rest after I unveil them at the Drive Out Bush demonstrations tomorrow, Oct. 5 at 4:30.


PTCruiser said...

You're awesome. Keep up the good work and if you haven't done so already, consider joining the Northern California yahoo group of Freewaybloggers. Here's the address.


GoMommyGo said...

Thanks for the tip. I joined.