Sunday, November 05, 2006

First Live Freeway Blog

The first live blog went reasonably well, although I only met up with one other person. My fault, I think I was too hard to find.
Fortunately, the photographer from the Napa Register found us as we were hanging "TORTURE does nOt work" with my 10-year old son's help. Unfortunately, I don't think they published the photo.

I also met up with one of the local Sherriffs who explained what was and was not allowed on "government" property. You CAN stand near a Highway holding a sign, but not ON the Highway. You can't hang signs on other people's property or THE People's (public) property. If you do, they will take it down and they COULD give you a ticket.

The next Friday, we were positioned on the Trancas Street overpass with 2 blogs:

"Where's Osama?" and "Absolute PoWer Corrupts"

Local police ignored me, but a handsome CHP officer was afraid I was endangering the drivers below. I asserted that I was petitioning my gov't for redress and pointed to the Wine Train's advertisement also over the Freeway. He said they probably had a permit, I said commercial speech still doesn't trump free speech. He said he didn't want to argue. Neither did I. I cut the signs and the American Flag down from the fence which was helping me hold them. He left. I went home on account of darkness.

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